"A dark yet elegant work of literary fiction, the debut novel from Linda Anne Atterton is a hard-hitting story where themes and landscapes are just as important as character and plot."
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David Vineron 31 July 2016

Format: Paperback
Linda Atterton is a poet. Even if you've never read any of her poetry you would soon come to that conclusion by the time you were only a few pages into this novel. Linda is also a psychologist and understands how minds can use disassociation to escape from an abusive reality. She has used both skills to weave a story that will both captivate and shock. Linda's use of language and metaphor twists meanings into beguiling patterns that entwines the reader within the mind of the book's young protagonist.

Set in the stark beauty of the Norfolk coast and countryside of the early 1970s, Running On Sand takes you back to a time of childhood innocence where that innocence will soon be dashed away. Barely into her teens and having lost her father, with a mother indifferent to her needs, Grace (follows in/is) the shadow of her older brother, Christopher. Into this world comes disruption in the form of a stepfather but this is no Cinderella fairytale. How Grace deals with what follows will keep the reader hooked until the end.