Meet Linda

Linda Atterton - Writer from Norfolk

Linda Anne Atterton was born in Scotland near Glasgow.

She studied at Aberdeen, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist before moving to work in Norfolk in 1991. Her specialism is brain injury.

At seventeen, she was winner for her age group of Lallans magazine competition for a Scottish poem. Since returning to creative writing after a long break, she has published poetry in the UK and Ireland, in Abridged, The Moth, and Far Off Places, as well as being included in several anthologies. Her sonnet Banished won Litro's Shakespearean Sonnet competition in 2014.

Running On Sand is her first novel. It began as a short story, Are The Stars Hot or Cold, which reached the semifinals of Carve Magazine's competition in 2014. The idea came from a flash fiction piece (Sea Defences, published in Litro) and from a poem, Toy Suns, published in Abridged. She lives in Norwich, about twenty miles from the seaside village where the book is set.